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HIGH PERFORMANCE WELLNESS: Part V – Once I CHOOSE a Goal What’s The Likelihood I’ll Stay With It?


well·ness, \ˈwel-nəs\: a dynamic objective and subjective progression toward a state of complete physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, economic and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.  Incremental improvements can occur from pre-conception up to and including a person’s last breath

 – MH Samuelson

Position Statement:

Wellness is located at the intersection of Contentment and Aspiration. To live there, you must first choose to move out of the Village of Someday.

 – MH Samuelson


What follows is Part V of a seven-part essay on work/life balance. While the basic information applies to everyone who accepts pay in exchange for effort, the focus of this essay is on the skills needed to emotionally, physically, spiritually, intellectually, socially and financially thrive in a fast-paced, early stage, entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial venture.

The Process of Change (That’s Really What We’re Talking About)

Change!  No matter how badly we want it for ourselves or for others, sustainable, meaningful, change is a process, not an event.  The process is linear and sequential.  It progresses from intellectual, to emotional, to visceral before it becomes cellular.

  1. The Intellectual Phase:  We are informed (passive)
  2. The Emotional Phase:  We are engaged (active)
  3. The Visceral Phase:  We are moved to action (active)
  4. The Cellular Phase: We are the change (passive)

The KEY stage is the visceral stage.  Or, as Howard Beale would say, the “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” stage.

Measuring Passion, Opportunity & Probability

Respect the power of the possible. Probability is the product of statistical variables, possibility, however is a defined empty cup waiting to be filled to the brim by your courage and determination.  Without passion, setting long-term goals are meaningless regardless of available resources.  In all cases passion will trump opportunity.

Using The Probability Gauge,™ select one of your achievement goals and chart both the passion you feel toward the goal as well as your available resources (opportunity).  The point of intersection will give you an idea of how feasible this goal is.

Sustainable change does not exist…until your soul awakens and your bones start shakin’

Coming Up:

VI:       How Do I Validate and Support the Goals that I Choose?
VII:     Summary (So What?)
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