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HIGH PERFORMANCE WELLNESS: Part IV – If Life Gave Me a Do-Over What Would I CHOOSE to Do-Over?

well·ness, \ˈwel-nəs\: a dynamic objective and subjective progression toward a state of complete physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, economic and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.  Incremental improvements can occur from pre-conception up to and including a person’s last breath

 – MH Samuelson

Position Statement:

Wellness is located at the intersection of Contentment and Aspiration. To live there, you must first choose to move out of the Village of Someday.

 – MH Samuelson


What follows is Part IV of a seven-part essay on work/life balance. While the basic information applies to everyone who accepts pay in exchange for effort, the focus of this essay is on the skills needed to emotionally, physically, spiritually, intellectually, socially and financially thrive in a fast-paced, early stage, entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial venture.



You know what moves you, what stirs your soul and shakes your bones. You’ve always known. Problem is that a lifetime of listening to others, quieting your inner voice, tempering desire with compliance and compromise, and applying a thin, comforting, facade of “Someday” have buried your spirit under a confusing tangle of noise, shadows and distortion.

As you think about a life “Do Over,” spend some time with the poem below. The first half reflects our lack of confidence and our dependence upon everyone else to see what is best for us. Our inner voice and spirit pleads to be heard but, like speaking to a child, we shush the voice so that the “adults” can be heard. In the second half of the poem, we have learned to pay attention to our gut, to our heart, and to our instincts. We appreciate the interest of others but focus on personal accountability and self-direction. 


Be Very Quiet & Listen…

 – Michael Hayes Samuelson

 My ears accept your words but that’s where they seem to remain

The vibrations are clear and, yet, distant — yes, there is logic and the gift is truly appreciated

However, a persistent mute tugs at my sleeve and distracts me from the moment


Be still, I say, there are others talking and you must be quiet & listen


I pay attention; I really do, however, I only catch a spark and then it’s gone

What did you say?  I heard you speak but I can’t seem to follow

A muffled breeze tugs at my sleeve and distracts me from the moment


Be still, I implore, let those who know — speak their truth — you must be quiet & listen


I nod my head; follow directions, and give thanks for such strong support

Often the direction takes me to a place where I feel safe but somehow not secure

An echo of a whisper tugs at my sleeve and distracts me from the moment


Be still, I shout, who are you to contradict — you must be quiet & listen!


The companion voice wishes to speak but is smothered by noise from the street and

Daunted by scolding doubts from within


Years, reflections, and nurturing wisdom bring clarity to the voices

I listen with all my senses and pay close attention to the whispers — particularly those of

A used-to-be-mute that tugs at my sleeve and distracts me from the moment

Speak up, I say, and I will be quiet and I will listen


I pay attention as I strain to hear the pleas and questions hidden among the words

What did you say?  Sometimes, my ability to understand is impaired by the noise of emotion

The goddess tugs at my sleeve bringing both a cleansing breeze and a basket of dreams


Speak up, I implore, and reveal the truth — I will be quiet and I will listen


I nod my head, follow directions, and give thanks for such strong support

Often the direction takes me to a place where I may not always feel safe but I do feel secure

A clear voice tugs at my sleeve and protects me from distractions


Speak up, I shout, keep me aware of contradictions — I will be quiet and I will listen


The companion voice speaks freely high above the noise of the street and is

Encouraged by a growing confidence that glows from within



Exercise:  Discovering Your Passion…Clearing the Jungle

Write down three risks you’ve consider taking but you were stopped by the “Yeah, But…” syndrome. 




Write Your Obituary (assume you die today…sorry)*

  • name (including nickname, if any
  • age at death
  • residence
  • date of birth
  • education
  • employment
  • charitable, religious, political affiliations
  • disappointments
  • a published quote that sums up your life
  • six words to sum up your life
  • hobbies, sports, interests, activities
  • designations, awards and other recognitions
  • names of parents
  • siblings
  • marriage(s) date of, place, name of spouse
  • children (name(s), current residence(s)
  • humorous story

* at a minimum, write down “ACHIEVEMENTS” and at least one other item in bold

 Great News! You Get to Live Another 10 Years…Edit Accordingly


helpful, but secondary…

  • Make a list of the books you’ve read over the past five years
  • Ask your best friend where your passion lies (immensely helpful)
  • What magazines do your read (online or traditional print)
  • Favorite Websites
  • What kind of movies do you like (action, romance, comedy, independent, documentary…)
  • Reflect on the above and journal your thoughts (no more than 3 pages)
  • Go back and re-read your two obituaries

Exercise:  Discovering Your Passion…Clearing the Jungle

What I Expected (no surprise)…

  • ______________________
  • ______________________
  • ______________________
  • ______________________

What I Discovered…

  • _____________________
  • _____________________
  • _____________________
  • _____________________

Coming Up:

Part V:       Once I Choose a Goal, What’s the Likelihood that I’ll Stay with It?

Part VI:      How Do I Validate and Support the Goals that I Choose?

Part VII:     Summary (So What?)

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