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For my friend, Holly. You will more than survive…you will THRIVE.

Michael H. Samuelson

Spirituality is the ephemeral wrapping that holds everything together — so evanescent, and yet so tightly clinging that we can barely distinguish where it ends and where we begin. Light passes through, but only those who open their eyes and let it penetrate can see what’s really there — and know that, more than simply clinging tightly, the spiritual universe is part of us all and we are part of it; that we are truly one.

With this knowledge comes the key that opens the door to beauty, mystery, inspiration, and an actual physical sense of being part of the spiritual whole. Of course, we must pick up the key and use it. Too often, we look at it with both longing and fear, hesitant to unlock the door and peek around the corner; wanting the treasures but afraid of the risks. Content with the knowledge that it is there…

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