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YouTube Video Introducing: “Saturday Morning Reflections”

Beginning January 21, I will introduce a new weekly feature to this blog: “Saturday Morning Reflections.”

Yes, I will continue to write and post—bird’s eye view—articles focused on worksite and community wellness (the recent article on senior wellness was the biggest download, to date). However, I needed a place to reflect on lessons learned from a perch much wider than that. As I have written many times, there is both science and art to consider when dealing with the human condition. The multi-part articles will touch mostly on methods, best practice, economics and the science of life. “Saturday Morning Reflections” will be all about the art of living.

The SMR essays will be short, no more than two pages, and I will also publish companion video commentaries on YouTube…again, short…usually no more than 2-5 minutes. Some of the written content will be updates of previous writings, but all of the video content will be fresh and unscripted. Scheduled topics include:

  • New Year’s Resolutions
  • The Unhealthiest Place to Live – The Village of Someday
  • Perhaps You are Merely Lost in Med-Sentence
  • In the Process of Becoming…Don’t Forget to Simply Be
  • Listen to the Wisdom of Others
  • Caution: Grandma and Grandpa are Killing Your Children
  • Victim or Master…Your Choice
  • Respect the Power of the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
  • The Human Primary Operating System is Not Rational…And, That’s Not a Bad Thing
  • Never Cross a Glacier with a Weak Team
  • What to Do When Your Gifts are Rejected
  • Quantum Entanglement and the Power of Intention
  • Situational Wellness: Lessons from the Baltimore Catechism
  • Don’t Confuse Connectivity with Intimacy
  • Without an Irritant…There Can Be No Pearl
  • Warning: Assimilation Dead Ahead!
  • Marriage, Friendship, and Partnerships: Assessing Risk
  • The Cancer Journey: From Survival to Thrival

Please click on and tune in. Also, please don’t hesitate to offer topic suggestions.

Be Well,


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