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2nd Key Observation: Think Like a CFO…Show Me the Money!


Wellness in the Workplace 2.0

What Got Us Where We Are Today…Won’t Get us Where We Need to be Tomorrow

10 Key Observations from Thirty-Five Years in the Field


2nd Key Observation…

Think Like a CFO…Show Me the Money!

presented for your intellectually driven consideration, your emotionally driven engagement, and — most important — your viscerally driven action


As mentioned in the 1st key observation, health promotion champions who “get it” are great but if your company’s wellness future depends upon the support of one or two senior officers who intuitively live the life of wellness (graduates of the Jack LaLanne School of Management)…


In these challenging economic times, more and more organizations are turning to their CFOs (graduates of the Joe Friday School of Economics) to set a new or corrected course of action.  In every bean counter’s closet is a picture of Jack Webb and the flipside of their business card reads:

“Just the Facts, Ma’am … Just the Facts”

Okay, I realize this comes as a bombshell but …  CFOs lean (sometimes lurch) hard and strong toward the world of tight analytics and concrete facts.  God Bless ‘em All.  We need that approach.  The green eyeshade gang protects the fiscal conservative in all of us.  HOWEVER, they tend to fall pretty flat when it comes to risk-taking and innovation.

Due to a lack of evidenced-based standards and measurements, “Wellness Programs”—whatever that means—are often last items added to a budget and first to feel the blade.

Remember, for every Jack or Jacquelyn LaLanne jogging with the troops, there is a Joe or Joanne Friday sitting in a corner office with a sharp #2 pencil and an itchy finger hovering just above the “delete” button on their keyboard.

Learn to think like a CFO!


“The Other 16 Hours”


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