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Quantum Entanglement and The Power of Intention


the minimum unit of any physical entity involved in an interaction

quantum entanglement

a quantum physics phenomenon in which the quantum states of two or more objects have at all times to be described with reference to each other, each instantaneously tracking changes to the other, however large the spatial separation of the objects


a determination to think and act in a certain way


elementary physics…

  • Since inception (Big Bang), all matter is connected.
  • Double slit experiments demonstrate that all matter exhibits properties of both particles and waves — wave-particle duality.
  • The mere act of measurement (observation, thought) influences behavior.

Furthermore, the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle teaches that there can be no circumstance whereby we can describe, with absolute certainty, a particle’s definite position and definite momentum. The more precise we are at measuring a particle’s exact location the more imprecise we are at measuring exactly where it is headed.  And, conversely, as we hone in on momentum, we navigate away from position.

Therefore, the behavior of all physical matter—waves, particles, protons, electrons and neutrons—is connected, unpredictable, and exists in a pool of infinate potential and possibility.

Got that?  Okay, so what?


So what?  So What?!  I’ll tell you, So What!

It means that WE—as card carrying members of this mostly carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen mass of neurons, protons and electrons genus—are all related and interdependent.  Of course, it also means we’re connected to dung beetles but, for today, let’s keep the focus on bipeds with highly developed cerebral cortexes.

At a very fundamental level, what you do and how you feel matters to me.  We are the same.

It also means that YOU (we) are not trapped in the past.  Independent of what has come before this moment your future is not set in stone.  You can change your current direction.  Your acceptance or rejection of this fundamental principal of physics—paired with meaningful action—is the key to your present and future wellbeing.

No small thing, eh?

What are your intentions?  Where do you see yourself going?  Your thoughts are the gateway to your actions.  Focus on the power of the possible and avoid the paralysis of the probable.  Yes, life IS filled with infinite opportunity but keep in mind that the door swings both ways.  Attitude and action make the difference.

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

– Shakespeare, “Hamlet”


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