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Sharing the Stage with Alan Webber & Bridget Duffy


For the past thirty-five years I’ve been most fortunate to make a good living while pursing my passion for all things related to health promotion and disease prevention.  I’ve built companies, written books, lectured at prestigious universities, asked a lot of questions and — most important — paid attention!  You can find detailed information on my website, however, here is where I’ll post my quick thoughts related to the professional field of health and wellness and where I will recap my most recent field trips.  For example, last week I had the honor of sharing the stage in Washington DC with a brilliant and passionate physician, Bridget Duffy.  Our audience was 4,000+ physicians and nurses representing the Department of Defense Medical Health Systems.  Our moderator was the equally brilliant and passionate Alan Webber, former Editor-in-Chief of the Harvard Business Review and Co-Founder of the Fast Company magazine.  We spoke on the issues of leadership and building a strong medical health team to serve the needs of today’s military.  While focused on the military the comments are relevant for any employer group.  If interested you can view the video at:

Just move the time bar to the 49:00 mark to begin the discussion.

I then left DC and gave the opening remarks in San Diego at a boutique conference dealing with behavioral economics (why smart people do stupid things) and sat on a panel with my old friends and colleagues Dee Edington and Larry Chapman to talk about the future of health promotion … kind of a “best practices to next practices” session with three guys with a combined time in service of over 100 years.

In the coming weeks I’m scheduled to give talks in Ann Arbor, Manitoba, Alaska, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Texas and Florida on topics including cancer awareness, leadership, peak performance, health economics and — once again — the future of the health and wellness industry.  Specific dates and topics will be listed on my website.

Stay tuned…Oh, and a signed copy of my latest book goes to the first person who identifies the “CI” in my signature block.


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  1. Hi Michael! I hope you are well! I love that you are still doing great things and sharing your insight and personal experiences. You were (and continue to be) an inspiration to me in this very interesting industry. If you ever make it to Dallas, let me know!

    Cortney (Mahoney) Nicolato

    February 9, 2011

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